Lyfe is a decentralised wellness rewards and gamification platform for healthy lifestyles

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Initial Token Sale - TOKEN SALE IS FINISHED!

  • 12-Nov-18 15:00 UTC+8

  • 7-Dec-18 15:00 UTC+8

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Be Healthy, Make Money

Nowadays, health is no longer a top priority for many people. In this fast-paced world, our lives are getting so busy to the point where we only start thinking about our health when it is too late. Wouldn't it be great if we can maintain a healthy lifestyle while getting paid at the same time? With Lyfe, you can do exactly that. Lyfe is a wellness rewards and gamification platform that will incentivise users to live a healthier life.

What is Lyfe Token (LYFE)

Lyfe Token is a utility token built with smart contract that is the core of Lyfe Wellness Rewards and Gamification Platform. Its purpose is to enable the pursuit of better well-being through rewards and redemption. 

Individuals will be rewarded with Lyfe Tokens for following a healthy lifestyle plan or achieving certain milestones such as losing weight, quitting smoking, or achieving fitness goals. With open-access and cross-platform SDK, individuals can use wearable fitness watches they already own to easily track their progress against predetermined goals - such as managing blood pressure or lowering cholesterol.

Rewards in the form of Lyfe Tokens can be exchanged with currencies or used to redeem various personalised rewards and vouchers that match user's interests.

Lyfe Decentralised Platform with Open API, SDK and Smart Contract

Meaningful Solution

At Lyfe, we strive to establish a universal platform where pursuing healthy lifestyle is fun and rewarding.  Lyfe platform will embody the entire incentivisation and challenge ecosystem through LyfeRewards and LyfeChallenge SDK and Smart Contract.

LyfeCHALLENGE: Wellness Gamification Challenge.  LyfeCHALLENGE is a wellness challenge that will engage users to live a healthier lifestyle. We will work with various stakeholders in the wellness industry to create various challenges, from basic physical exercise, to medical challenges such as maintaining blood glucose level and blood pressure. Upon completion of the challenge, users will be rewarded with Lyfe Tokens.

Lyfe Challenge Platform

“monetisation platform for developer, fun community activites for everyone”

  • Forming Healthy Habit. Forming healthy habit will require more than just exercising or eating right.  By conquering small achievements one day at a time, LyfeCHALLENGE will help you build healthy habits, track your activities, and achieve your goals. From losing weight to quitting smoking, you will achieve it with LyfeCHALLENGE.
  • Community and Multiplayer. Who climbed the most stairs? Walked the most steps? If it can be measured, a fun challenge can be created. Community and Multiplayer challenges will help you discover that friendly competition will make it easier to develop good habits. When you make getting healthy a group effort, it will be more fun to develop healthy habits. 

LyfeREWARDS: Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty. LyfeREWARDS is a decentralised rewards program to incentivise people to live a healthy lifestyle. LyfeREWARDS will distribute Lyfe Tokens to users who are eligible and have completed the challenge. Lyfe Rewards will measure and distribute the rewards according to data point received from the various fitness and health apps or wearable devices that are onboard of Lyfe platform.

Lyfe Rewards

“instantly increase your engagement rate and open up endless collaboration possibilities”

  • Rewarding Healthy Lifestyle. Be it losing weight, quitting smoking, or achieving fitness goals, Lyfe will always reward you for maintaining your health. Lyfe's open-access cross-platform program will rewards you with Lyfe Tokens based on various fitness data points that you submit, from fitness application to wearable device. 
  • Rewards Redemption. Lyfe Tokens can be exchanged with currency or used to redeem personalised gifts that are tailored to match your interest and lifestyle. With our Open API, your Lyfe Tokens can also be converted into loyalty points of participating vendors.

Rewarding Everyone

Benefits for Community and Users

  • Get rewarded with tokens while living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Chances to win it big and gain millions of token by participating in various virtual Lyfe Challenge
  • More accurate fitness data interpretation and key health guidance with cross-platform data analysis

Benefits for Health Tech Developer

  • Incentivise and monetise directly with endless possibilites for collaboration
  • Cross-platform SDK with integrated Wallet and Exchange System
  • More efficient user acquisition with huge pool of users shared across platform

Benefits for Healthcare Company and Establishments

  • Effective promotion with accurate targeting of users down to their behavior.
  • Acquire more accurate, targeted data from various data points for research purpose
  • Opportunity to gain additional revenue by onboarding eligibile service

Token Sale

LYFE Initial Token Sale can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Tokenomy (TEN). Total supply of Lyfe Tokens will only be 23,125,000,000 LYFE (23.125 Billion LYFE).

Number of Tokens for Sale

9,250,000,000 LYFE (40%)

Pre-Initial Token Sale - October 29th 2018 at 03:00PM GMT+8

Total token for Pre-ITS: 4,000,000,000 LYFE
1 USDT = 2000 LYFE

Inital Token Sale - November 12th 2018 at 03:00PM GMT+8

Total token for ITS: 5,250,000,000 LYFE
1 USDT = 1500 LYFE

Bonus: Participants using TEN will get additional 10% LYFE tokens

Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC, TEN, USDT


Lyfe Roadmap and Distribution


Lyfe Executive Leadership Team

What is Lyfe Token (LYFE)?

Lyfe Token is a utility token with smart contract feature that is at the core of Lyfe Wellness Rewards and Gamification Platform. Our Open API, SDK, and Smart Contract enables developers to implement Lyfe Challenge & Rewards or their own token economy in their own system.

Where is your company based?

Lyfe is based in Singapore

What currency can I use to purchase Lyfe Token?

You can buy LYFE Token with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tokenomy (TEN) and Tether (USDT) through Tokenomy Launchpad.

When is LYFE Token Sale?

LYFE Token Sale will be conducted in two phases: Pre-Initial Token Sale (Pre-ITS) and Initial Token Sale (ITS). Pre-ITS starts October 29 2018, 3PM (GMT+8) and ends November 9 2018, 3PM (GMT+8). Token Sale starts November 12 2018, 3PM (GMT+8) and ends December 7 2018, 3PM (GMT+8).

How many tokens will be available for purchase during the Token Sale?

There will be a total of 9,250,000,000 LYFE tokens (40%) on sale, which split into two phases: Pre-ITS: 4,000,000,000 LYFE. Token Sale: 5,250,000,000 LYFE.

What is the price during the Token Sale?

Pre-Initial Token Sale price will be 1 USDT = 2,000 LYFE. Initial Token Sale price will be 1 USDT = 1,500 LYFE. You can get additional 10% LYFE tokens when you buy using TEN Tokens.

Where will the LYFE Token Sale sale take place?

You can participate in LYFE Token Sale through the Tokenomy Launchpad Platform.

Is there any minimum purchase?

There is a 300 USDT minimum purchase for Pre-ITS, but no minimum purchase for ITS.

When my token will be distributed?

Tokens from Pre-ITS and ITS will be distributed latest on December 14, 2018

How can we stay updated, or if I want to contact you?

Please join our telegram groups (English: or Indonesian: We also have a twitter (, Instagram (, and Medium (

What is your team background?

Lyfe was founded by the same team who established, formally known as PT Media Kesehatan Indonesia, the pioneer and one of the biggest online healthcare platform and online consultation in Indonesia. DokterSehat project was initiated in 2007 and has served millions of Indonesians over the years. DokterSehat team are very perceptive to healthcare trends and needs in Indonesia with years of experience in serving and scaling the company. One of the founder of Lyfe is also the most influential cryptocurrency figure in Indonesia, Oscar Darmawan. He is the founder of, the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange (used to be known as PT Bit Coin Indonesia/ With the best of both worlds, Lyfe is founded on top of sustainable crypto ecosystem that rely on Blockchain Technology with strong insights on healthcare industry. Our team knows very well the challenges of healthcare industry and businesses that operate in the cryptocurrency space. For more details you can read this article:

Pre Initial Token Sale
  • Sales begin - 29-Oct-18 15:00 UTC+8
  • Sales end - 9-Nov-18 15:00 UTC+8
  • Base price - 0.00050000 USDT
  • Token Sold - 4,000,000,000
  • Token Limit - 4,000,000,000
  • Minimum Purchase - 600,000
Initial Token Sale
  • Sales begin - 12-Nov-18 15:00 UTC+8
  • Sales end - 7-Dec-18 15:00 UTC+8
  • Base price - 0.00066670 USDT
  • Token Sold - 4,729,173,382
  • Token Limit - 5,250,000,000
  • Minimum Purchase - 1