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Empowering Billions

The purpose of HARA is to create a prosperous data exchange economy that drives the use of informed datadriven decisions in society. Starting with agriculture and food sector, HARA is an end-to-end solution for all stakeholders in the data exchange market for the world’s most socially impactful sectors. It offers near-time valuable data that are crucial to increase productivity, reduce loss, and market efficiencies.


What is HARA?

HARA - The Equality Solution is a decentralized, secure and transparent platform that is built on top of an Ethereum-enabled blockchain. HARA token economics will reinforce a virtuous cycle that continues to grow.

Data Providers
Data providers include individual data contributors, data companies, cooperatives, NGOs, field agents, and governments. They are rewarded for data submission, which they can monetize through token exchange.

Data Qualifiers
Data qualifiers add value to the ecosystem by providing verification in the form of proof of work. They acts as a crowd-sourced indicator of data quality, which overtime, will help improve the overall robustness of the data and help generate healthy, ongoing demand. Data qualifiers will receive tokens based on their efforts related to the tasks they perform in verifying data on the exchange. Data qualifiers can be any HARA token holders.

Data Buyers
Data buyers include enterprises such as banks, insurance companies, retailers, agriculture input suppliers, NGOs, and government – all the way down to local communities or even individuals.

Value-added Services
Companies and institutions that will buy and process raw data from HARA Ecosystem, and resubmit it as ‘enriched data’. These can be academic institutions, brands, data analytics, financial technology and agriculture technology companies. They create value-added insights from the raw data and share in the proceeds with the original data providers by submitting the cleansed, organized, and structured data back to the HARA Ecosystem.

HARA will help solving problems in the agriculture and food sector by:

The markets that HARA will focus are developing countries located near to the equator, where agriculture has been vital to the country’s economic development.

The sector employed almost 200 million people or equal to 23% of total population. In total, agricultural production value is worth US$ 499 billion, of which food production (e.g. cereals, food crops, and dairy products) contributes to almost 90% of total production. These countries also have high internet and mobile penetration rate, which are the requisite for the adoption of HARA platform. HARA started in Indonesia and will expand to empower billions in the other countries.




The Team

Dattabot is a leading big data company in Indonesia with more than 15 years of experience in big data analytics, territory management, supply-chain optimization, document digitalization, text analytics, consumer profiling and marketing analytics. Dattabot is now pursuing the next phase of its mission: data democratization for the world’s most socially impactful sectors by starting with the agriculture and food sector through the development of HARA ecosystem.

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